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Video Premier FinaleHurts to Laugh is Nashville, Tennessee’s gnarliest band waging a stoner jihad in the rhinestone buckle of the bible belt. After recording their Guitarded EP, giving it away for free on the internet, making three music videos, and delivering four national tours, the band has been transformed. Joining Cliff Cobain are Stevie Ray Ramone and Buddy Valens to bring clarity and power to the band’s latest recordings and concerts.  Stevie Ray Ramone who is formally known as ‘The Senator’ Tom Pappas hails from Knoxville and is recognized as the bassist for 90’s MTV sensation Superdrag. Joining the lineup on drums is Buddy Valens. Previously known as John Davis, Valens fronted Superdrag and most recently The Lees of Memory. The trio is currently following the release of Meet You Underground and its standout tracks At War and Killing An Arab with a new set of recordings at County Q Studios in Nashville. Plans for the future include a D-stage afternoon slot at Coachella 2017, a network television travel show, and a bid for Tennessee gubernatorial candidacy under the Cocktail