Hurts to Laugh Releases Mister Nineteen Eighty More Music Video

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Hurts to Laugh Releases Political Music Video and Single


Nashville– Hard rock band Hurts to Laugh has released a new music video for their single Mister Nineteen Eighty More. The video marks the band’s fifth collaboration with screenwriter and director Elvis Wilson.  The video portrays Cliff Cobain as Mister Nineteen Eighty More in an Orwellian send-up of dictators, demagogues, and strongmen.

“I have fully embraced political consequence in our most recent material,” remarks Cobain.  “ This particular song and video concept is a direct reaction to political realities in the world and is an attempt to subvert their emotional power.”  In the work Cobain is bedecked in suit and stiletto platform heels as he menaces and gyrates before projected archive footage depicting world leaders throughout history engaged in political theatre and propaganda.  The video juxtaposes Cobain’s performance with world war combat footage, Korean and Chinese propaganda, and Vladimir Putin’s inauguration. “Our problems are not new,” says Cobain, “but now it should be apparent to everyone where the world will end up if we maintain our status quo of crazy.”

The video can be found on Hurts to Laugh’s Youtube channel.  The song can be downloaded at the band’s Bandcamp page and will be available on 7” vinyl through Fat Elvis Records February 2020.  More information can be found at



Hurts to Laugh has billed itself as “Nashville’s Gnarliest Band” since 2007.  Under the leadership of skateboarding Vanderbilt Divinity School drop-out Cliff Cobain the band delivered a slew of music videos and slogged its way across the county on four national tours.  The band’s current line-up delivers its second 7″ vinyl release for Fat Elvis Records in 2020.   The band’s aggressively creative vision grapples with hard political realities shaping our culture, nation, and world.  Plans for the future include a D-Stage slot at Coachella 2020, a world tour of hot-dog stands for a network travel show, and a bid for Tennessee gubernatorial candidacy under the cocktail party.

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