Hurts to Laugh Announce RSD Collab

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Contact: Erik Dail

313 Leopole Rd.

Nashville, TN 37211

For Immediate Release

Hurts to Laugh Announces Record Store Day Collaboration

Nashville– Hurts to Laugh announces its Record Store Day collaboration with Nashville band The Dead Deads and Knoxville record label Fat Elvis Records.  Under the supervision of producer Matt Mahaffey, the two bands will offer up a split 7″ vinyl record featuring covers of each other’s favorite songs.  Hurts to Laugh has selected “Lonely Sound” from The Dead Dead’s Rainbeau album; The Dead Deads “Feel It Now” from Hurts to Laugh’s Hope It Works Out.

“It was our drummer’s idea,” says Hurts to Laugh band leader Cliff Cobain.  “We played a string of dates with The Dead Deads last summer and on one night their singer Leticia Wolf asked to join us on stage to sing a number.  After drinks the idea of a 45 of corresponding covers was floated and fortunately for everyone, we remembered it the following morning.”  The release, scheduled for April 13, marks Hurts to Laugh’s first on vinyl and The Dead Deads’ second.

The record will be available for sale through the Fat Elvis Records website and select record stores nationwide.  Accompanying the release, the two bands plan a series of co-headlining shows in the spring. Hurts to Laugh will also deliver a music video for their cover song.


Hurts to Laugh is Nashville’s Gnarliest Band.  Accompanying Cliff Cobain in his rock and roll jihad are John Paul Moon, BB Nicks, and Jimi Joplin.  The band has the honor of sharing stages with The Katies, The Dead Deads, Valient Himself, and John Davis of Superdrag.  Plans for the future include a tour of US hot-dog stands for a network travel show and a bid for Tennessee gubernatorial candidacy under the cocktail party.

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